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YACEP 35 hours Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

With the support of softly suspended fabrics, Aerial Yoga explores and interprets classical yoga poses in an alternative way. Suitable for yoga teachers, soon-to-be teachers and yoga practitioners.



YACEP 35 hours Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

With the support of softly suspended fabrics, Aerial Yoga explores and interprets classical yoga poses in an alternative way. The suspension could lengthen the spine and help in releasing tension in the body. And muscle and body coordination could be built during the practice, which makes challenging poses become easy with the fabric support. Suitable for beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners.

Keywords of the Course

- Curriculum is based on strengthening and stretching, covering multi-aspects and needs of practitioners with different levels.

- Analysis from multiple perspectives to systematically understand how the hammock and strap improve and assist yoga practice.

- Introduce applied anatomy and elaborate on pelvis and spine to help students cope with obstacles encountered in practice and teaching.

- Training covers a series of asanas and partner poses, enriching the content of practice. 


Course Trainer Naomi Chan

- Practicing since 2007, over ten years of yoga teaching experience, taught in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Norway respectively, with a blend of Chinese and Western cultures.

- Started teaching Aerial Yoga in 2012, and years of aerial yoga teaching experience

- Master's degree in Yoga and Natural Therapy

- E-RYT Yoga Teacher qualifications

- 300 hours advanced Hatha Yoga teacher qualification

- 200 hours of yoga certificate

- 200-hour yoga therapy certificate

- Paul Grilley Yin Yoga instructor qualification

- RKY Children and Group Yoga Certificate

- SRT instructor, Reiki instructor, and instructor qualifications

- Singing bowl therapy, sonic therapist

- Vipassana and meditation training


Aerial Yoga for all:

- Suitable for various sports instructors, junior and intermediate yoga practitioners

- Aerial Yoga can boost the meridians, and activate lymph circulation.

- Patients with urban diseases, spine compression, scoliosis, shoulder, neck, waist and back pain, headache and insomnia.

- The fabric of Aerial Yoga helps to lengthen the spine and reduce the back pain. 

- Create space in the entire spinal cord, and tune the hormones in the body.


Registration requirements:

Participants need to have at least 2 months of yoga practice experience.

Both instructors and prospective yoga instructors are welcome to participate.



The course is mainly taught in Cantonese, supplemented by English.


Please check the 'Courses' page or click the link at the bottom. 


Sunday 11:00-6:00pm

2/4, 9/4, 16/4, 23/4, 30/4

Tuition Fee: 

The entire course is $9900 (Early bird offer is $8600 which will end on 15 March 2023)​


1101-1102, Chinachem Johnston Plaza, 178-186 Johnston Road, Wan Chai


There is no refund for registration fees for all courses.

This course accepts credit card online payments and bank transfers.

The reservation can only be confirmed after the payment is confirmed.



At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion issued by OMIYOGA. OMIYOGA is a yoga school approved by the Yoga Alliance. Vouchers can be registered for Continuing Education (YACEP) hours in Yoga Alliance.


Yoga Alliance approved yoga school:

OMIYOGA is a yoga school registered by the Yoga Alliance. Instructor training courses and instructors are internationally recognized. Yoga Alliance is the management organization of related yoga instructor training courses in the United States and around the world. Course graduates can register as RYT (registered yoga instructor) with Yoga Alliance after accumulating relevant hours. The registered yoga instructor is an internationally recognized yoga instructor qualification.


空中瑜伽導師課程 (5天課程)






2/4, 9/4, 16/4, 23/4, 30/4


以廣東話授課,整個課程為 $9900

(早鳥優惠價至3月15日 $8600)


上課地點:OMIYOGA . Johnston, 灣仔 莊士敦道178號-186號 華懋莊士敦廣場 1101-1102室



- Yoga Alliance認可課程,可登記YACEP學分

- 導師經驗豐富,超過十年空中瑜伽教學經驗

- 指示清晰,使練習者和導師都有安全措施

- 導師糅合多年教學經驗,中西文化滙粹

- 以多角度切入分析,有系統地理解空中瑜伽如何提升和輔助瑜伽練習

- 課程內容豐富。涵括多方面的訓練,劃分為低中高空的體式。有串連動作、放鬆和舒緩為主的練習方式,也有輔助高難度體式的技巧。

- 引進應用解剖學,對脊椎關節部份詳盡闡述,以助學員應對練習和教學時遇到的障礙

師資介紹 Naomi Chan

- 2007年開始練習,分別再香港、台灣、挪威授課,風格糅合中西文化

- 早在2012年已經開始教授空中瑜伽,超過10年授課經驗

- 瑜伽公開活動講師、在香港大學附屬學院任教

- 瑜伽及自然療法碩士學位

- E-RYT 導師資歷

- 300小時高階哈達瑜伽老師資格

- 200小時達瑜伽證書

- 200小時瑜伽治療證書

- Paul Grilley陰瑜伽導師資格

- RKY兒童及群體瑜伽證書

- SRT執⾏師、靈氣導師及執⾏師資格

- 頌缽治療、⾳叉聲頻治療師

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